September, 2016


The University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine covered the study Perceptions of Passion based on Lateral Kissing Biases by Jennifer Sedgewick and Lorin Elias upon curiosity from a participant recruitment poster. Click here to view the article!

August, 2016


Not academe-related, but very worthy of inclusion on the lab website is Austen’s 2-minutes of fame in Affinity Credit Union’s commercial with his beautiful family. Please, please check out the link here to see the full video.

May, 2016

The University of Saskatchewan’s College of Arts and Science picked this story from Kari  Duerksen, Trista Friedrich, and Lorin Elias’ paper Did Buddha turn the other cheek too? A comparison of posing biases between Jesus and Buddha [Link].

February, 2016

The article Family matters: Directionality of turning bias while kissing is modulated by context [Link] by Jennifer Sedgewick and Lorin Elias went surprisingly viral on Valentine’s Day in 2016!

The coverage included sources such as: Science Daily, CBC, Maxim, Huffington Post (USA), the Daily Mail, CosmopolitanMarie Claire, and Wired (amongst others) and is currently the second-most viewed article from its home in Laterality: Asymmetries in Brain, Body, and Cognition!