Teaching and Supervision

Courses Taught

Psych 121.3    Intro. to Psychology:  Biological and Cognitive Foundations

Psych 246.3    Intro. to Human Neuropsychology

Psych 353.3    Advanced Cognitive Science: Basic Cognitive and Perceptual Processes

Psych 356.3    Research in Cognitive Science: Independent Research Projects

Psych 347.3     Advanced Human Neuropsychology

Psych 348.3     Research in Human Neuropsychology

Psych 472.3     Honours Thesis

Psych 448.3     Advanced Seminar in the Neural Basis of Behaviour

Psych 846.3    Human Neuropsychology

Past Student Supervision

Victoria Harms, Ph.D. (2015). The Mechanisms and Consequences of Cerebral Lateralization.

Morsal Niazi, B.A. Honours. (2014-2015). The Influence of Reading Direction on Visual Scanning Patterns and Aesthetic Preferences.

Izabela Szelest, Ph. D. (2014). Lateral biases in attention and working memory systems.

Trista Friederich, B.A. Honours. (2013-2014). The Influence of Script Direction on Aesthetic Preference.

Jennifer Sedgewick, B.A. Honours. (2013-2014). The Thinker: Opposing Directionality of Lighting Bias within Sculptural Artwork.

Colleen Cochran, B.A. Honours. (2013-2014). Perception of threat from facial expressions: Laterality of image matrix scanning.

Austen Smith, M.A. (2013). Lateral Biases in Shape from Shading:  The Role of Native Reading Direction.

Sarah Simmons, B.A. Honours. (2012-2013). Emotion, Right-Hemisphere Activation and the Mozart Effect.

Nicole Thomas, Ph. D. (2012). Upper and Lower Visual Field Differences in Perceptual Asymmetries.

Jocelyn Poock, Ph. D. – Clinical (2012). The Effect of Simple and Complex Dual-Tasks on Ambulation in Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and Healthy Older Adults: The Role of Divided Attention and Other Higher Brain Functions in Gait Dual-Task Performance.

Brendon Gibson, B.A. Honours. (2011-2012). Lateral Biases and Directional Scanning.

Jennifer Burkitt, Ph. D. (2011). Upper and Lower Visual Field Differences: An Investigation of the Gaze Cascade Effect.

Austen Smith, B.A. Honours. (2010-2011). Lateral Biases and Directional Scanning.

Leanne Miller, B.A. Honours. (2010-2011). Estradiol and Interhemispheric Transfer.

Catherine Darbellay, B.A. Honours. (2010-2011). Emotional Lateralization in Relatives of People with ASD.

David McDine, B.A. Honours. (2008-2009). Lateral Biases in Lighting of Abstract Artwork.

Regan Patrick, B.A. Honours. (2007-2008). Navigational Conversation Impairs Concurrent Distance Judgments.

Jeff Martin, B.A. Honours. (2007-2008). Using Physical Markers to Predict Cerebral Language Lateralization.

Jennifer Hiatt, B.A. Honours. (2006-2007). The Influence of Right Hemisphere Specialization on the Mere Exposure Effect.

Emma Gardner, B.A. Honours. (2006-2007). Hemispheric Lateralization for Perception and Production of Timing.

Tamara Colton, B.A. Honours. (2006-2007). Lateralized Bumping: Pseudoneglect and Its Influence on Spatial Navigation.

Karen Gilleta, Ph.D. – Clinical. (2006). Sex, Handedness, and Spatial Ability Affect Laterality for Mental Rotation.

Jennifer Hutchinson, B.A. Honours. (2005-2006). Advertisement Product Ratings and Leftward Lighting Biases.

Colin Oullette, B.A. Honours. (2005-2006). Is Facial Attractiveness Influenced by Averageness, Symmetry, or Distinctiveness.

Kate Goodall, Ph.D. – Clinical (2004). Asymmetry in Spatial Judgments: Bins vs. Spatial Frequency in a double double dissociation.

Cindy La, B.A. Honours. (2004-2005). Judging Attractiveness in Advertising Images: The Role of Lateralized Lighting.

Tyson Baker, B.A. Honours. (2004-2005). Response Hand-Response Key Combinations Attenuate Right Ear Advantage in Computer-Administered Dichotic-Listening.

Loni Rhode, B.A. Honours. (2003-2004). Visual Bisection of Free-Viewing Perceptual Asymmetry Stimuli.

Kelly Suschinsky, B.A. Honours. (2003-2004). What do Males look at when Judging Female Physical Attractiveness?

Alastair MacFadden, M.A. (2002). Men and Women Scan Maps Similarly, But give Different Directions.

Brent Robinson, B.A. Honours. (2002-2003). Novel Stimuli are Negative Stimuli: Evidence the Amygdala Guides Preferences in the Mere Exposure Effect.

Delaine Engebregtson, B.A. Honours. (2002-2003). The Role of Distance and Size Cues in Mediating a Leftward Bias in a Modified Perceptual Asymmetry Task.

Miles Bowman, B.A. Honours. (2001-2002). Visual Scan Patterns in Examining the Face: Looking for Attractiveness and Phi

Colleen Hardie, B.A. Honours. (2001-2002). An Investigation of the Perceptual and Semantic Components of Colour-Grapheme Synaesthesia.

Dennis Mah, B.A. Honours. (2001-2002). Attractiveness and Unattractive Faces are Easier to Recognize in Comparison to Faces of Average Attractiveness: Support for the U-Shaped Recognition Model.

Katherine McKibbin, B.A. Honours. (2000-2001). Right-Hemispheric Dominance for Processing Extended Non-Linguistic Frequency Transitions.

Angela Brown, B.A. Honours. (2000-2001). Using and Eye-tracking Device to Investigate Possible Sex Differences in Visual Search Strategies when Performing Tasks of Mental Rotation.

Blair Panasiuk, B.A. Honours. (1998-1999). The Creation of Asymmetries through the Manipulation of Temporal Constraints in an Artificial Neural Network.

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